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Veterans Resources

This vital segment of our population includes an ever-increasing aging veterans population composed of WWII & Korean veterans and their survivors, Vietnam veterans, Enduring Freedom & Iraqi veterans, peacetime veterans, and another viable segment of the veterans’ population, homeless veterans.

Transitions For Veterans provides free consultations and application assistance to veterans and surviving spouses for a VA pension that helps pay for Assisted Living.

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Veterans Need to Know About Senior Living Benefits:

  • VA Benefits for Seniors
    There are many benefits available to both senior veterans and their spouses. A veteran — age 65 or older — can expect their benefits to cover:

    • Costs of an assisted living community or nursing home, and even in-home care
      If the veteran so desires, the money can also be used to pay an adult child to act as a caregiver — though it can’t be given to a spouse for that purpose
    • Services may also include housebound benefits
    • There may also be increased benefits for those with disabilities or service-related injuries who are not yet eligible based on their age alone.
  • Who Qualifies for VA Benefits
    Knowing whether or not a senior qualifies for VA benefits can be confusing:

    • First and foremost, they must have served at least one day during a time of war.
    • Next, they must be considered “totally disabled.” This can be confusing, however, because the “totally disabled” label is automatically placed on wartime veterans when they turn 65, making them eligible for many of the services that they need in order to live out the end of their lives in peace.
    • Some VA benefits are also based on income eligibility. However, unlike Medicare and Medicaid, there’s no look-back program in place, making it possible for seniors in need of VA benefits to transfer funds to non-qualifying places in order to reach the threshold.

What to know, Aging Veterans

As of 2015, there were 9.3 million armed services veterans of retirement age. While there are still over a million Korean War veterans and close to a million veterans of WWII alive today, the bulk of today’s retired veterans served in the Vietnam era—with 4.8 million already retired, and another 1.6 million reaching retirement age in the next ten years.

Whatever period you served, however, chances are that you’ve taken advantage of education programs, job search and training resources, and home loans that are available to veterans of all ages. But if like so many others, you’re a veteran approaching retirement age, you should be aware of a host of other resources waiting to assist you as you leave the working world.